Thursday, November 26, 2009

always love.

Thanksgiving day. I don't know, but to me it seems like a holiday that is always boring. Feels like another long, drawn out sunday. And all you really want to do is take multiple naps. But this year I have a ton of family in town so it's going to be great and wonderful. As long as my Grandma's anxiety stays under control, my Grandpa eats on time, and I get a nap. I would love to drive alone too. Because when someone else is not in the car you can crank your most favorite tunes. It's fine making conversation, but when I drive I really love having my tunes, and loud. And if you turn on music while someone else is in the car you have to keep turning it down, and they always talk at the best parts of the best songs. But it's alright I guess I get plenty of alone car time. I love my Lexus. Don't know how I'm going to leave it :( It's one of my roadblocks.

I LOVE this song.

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