Friday, December 4, 2009

if you want to be young about it, be young about it.

I was at the southtowne mall was it... two days ago. There was a boy working at Mrs. Fields cookies and he caught my eye like the best kind of bate would catch a reluctant fish at the throw of the fly. He wasn't just handsome. That was only the half of it. There were so many dimensions to him. And when I looked at him as much as I could without being many things flashed through my mind. Like adolescence and Blink 182 songs... getting a snack at the gas station in the middle of the night, concert going and screaming our lungs out together... four wheeling in the roughest sense on the back of his wheeler, hanging out at his dad's house watching pimp my ride and cribs, and actually enjoying it. Walking down the mall hand in hand, taking care of him, him taking care of me. Sharing ipod earphones, him holding my hand as he lets me ride his skateboard, riding up the ski slopes. This kid was a punk at his best. Like a total G. But for some reason I was diggin it, and if I were to be into any homeboy, and a homeboys girlfriend's lifestyle, it would be his. Holy crow.I don't even know why he had such an effect on me but I just saw this whole span of a 5 dimensional love affair with him. But he probably smokes, and drinks, and steals and cheats and lies. Why yes it's always too G to be true. I know I would never actually like him in real life, but it was like a dream for a moment as I past his cookie stand.
I'm so happy to be alive today, and I'm excited to go and do the things.
In the highest room, staring at the beautiful moon,
I will alone on my very own learn to appreciate the value and greatness of my individual life.

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