Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's your mission son

My good friend Gary is entering the MTC today. I wanted to express my care in the matter. As in I'm thinking of him and hoping the best for him. Gary is... a really good person. What I love about Gary is that he digs deep. He is always looking for a greater meaning in every little thing. He is the most intelligent person I have yet come across, it amazes me. I think to myself "how are you so smart?" but he just knows the ways of the world all to well. You can't get anything past him. He knows. It's scary but I like it. That comes along with being hilarious and attractive as well. Gary has a unique compilation of traits I adore. I had a funny little thing happen where I got to experience the same thing twice, with two different people. My friend Kevin and my friend Gary both took me to their rooms to show me all of their mission parafonalia. Suits, ties, shirts, shoes... It was really interesting to notice the difference in the two of them. Kevin having everything laid out and every tie and outfit planned for his first week. Following the list to a T. Gary having all of his stuff still in the shopping bags in the corner of his room, and packing skinny ties even thought they are against the rules. Haha. They are two completely opposite personalities. Their commonality is that they are both leaving on a mission soon. I guess the two missionary fashion shows could have been interchangeable they were so alike in some ways. It was funny. Maybe it's a guy thing or maybe a pre-missionary thing.


(yea I did crop the others out, so what? I wish it wasn't blurry)


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