Saturday, April 10, 2010


Tonight. I was working at the Deli. Some people heard I was going on a mission that I work with. Some other people around the vicinity heard as well. A random lady yelled across the room "where are you going??" and I yelled "I don't know I don't have my call yet!" and she said "well, congratulations! congratulations!! that's the best! way to go!" and I was taken by surprise her amount of support from across the room. And when she left she yelled yet again "good luck! awesome! congrats!" It was very humorous to me but of course no one else laughed. I really 'preciate her support however. So then...I kept taking orders for icecream flavors, and sometimes the flavors get all jumbled in my head. Cookies n' cream, cookie dough, vanilla...they all seem the same when you know they are all mixed together anyway at the bottom of the freezer. So I was scooping some cookie dough and then I was afraid it might have been cookies n' cream that they really ordered, so I double thought, and realized I was right. This was my exact thought "You're doing the right thing." And I just wonder if there was more to that thought than just some flavors. An underlying confirmativity (a word I made up for this story.)

And plain ice cream without underlying meanings is still plain good.

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