Sunday, April 4, 2010

every mystery

it remains a mystery when and where the next zit is going to appear on your face. when will you next laugh so hard that you can't even breathe- and what is it you will be laughing at? you are driving down the freeway and how are you intricately connected to all the people in the flowing traffic, you never know how because you can't have conversations with people in different cars, even though you are all going the same speed and same direction. what will your new last name be one day. how many mistakes are you going to make tomorrow, and how many mistakes are you going to refrain from making because you learned better. do seconds and hours ever speed up? is anybody saying anything about you? and what are they saying. how much good and how much bad. what are you going to dream about when you go to sleep tonight. when you sleep, do you see the mysteries of the kingdom...always forgetting them once you wake. is there someone famous somewhere who is listening to the same song you are, or are they the one singing it. are you in the right place at the right time, or is your wandering self misplaced and that's why trouble keeps getting in the way. is there a tumor somewhere in your body, or anything unhealthily hidden... what people will you come across today or tomorrow that will really catch you interest. how many breaths does it take to fall asleep with out aid, and will that number decrease as you go without aid night after night? will you really move on tomorrow, or will you just say that again tomorrow. will a time bomb be dropped...will a time warp set in... will you suddenly find the weight of your heart lifted, and run

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