Friday, April 2, 2010

I forgot the color of the sky.

I was hanging on a monkey bar for quite some time. Too afraid, and too weak to make it to the next bar. Finally my fingers slipped and I was plunged into water, where the only way I saw out was a trampoline at the bottom of the sea. So I swam down there, and tried to launch myself back up to the monkey bars so I could reach my destination across the waters. Like jumping on a tramp under the water. It doesn't work. Well you would think it didn't, but somehow my desires allowed me to spring my whole self to break the water surface and beyond, only to find the bars had been raised and I still couldn't reach. On my way back into the water I caught sight of the bars ahead of me, and they were endless. It's all I could see. I didn't even know where they were leading, or why I was heading that way. Then they fell on top of me and the weight was incredible and I sunk to the bottom and found you, and we hit a rock and that's when we knew the meaning of rock bottom, and we laughed about it, and forgot we couldn't really breathe. who are you?

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