Sunday, May 9, 2010

moon shadow

I used to wish that a wish and an inch were the same in distance. That way, you were never far from any of your wishes. But it's something that is not true, at least for me. My wishes are oceans and galaxies. I don't live near an ocean, and gravity holds me here far inland on earth. I am far from the things that I wish for. But that only means I have a farther reach, a braver task. I often forget during daily routines that oceans and galaxies are even out there. But they are, and they are huge. Even though waves crash like tsunamis and the stars always shift, I still sail on to my rocket with the snail I picked up along the way, who was traveling by inch. I'm gonna show the snail what's out there, it needs to know. If I don't die before I get there, I'll know it's what I'm living for. This is my El Nino.

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