Monday, May 10, 2010

run on sentences

When you are in the middle of a balancing act, meaning trying to walk a straight line so you don't tip off the beam... it seems that the further you get from solid ground the more you get unstable. Picture trying to walk a straight line miles above anything. Picture not even seeing the ground. Well. You'd probably fall. That's why you can't walk a straight line away from the ground. Just don't try it. I feel like a lot of negative people, and people who don't believe in God, and consequences, and learning, and rules, just don't really know that the ground is safe, and you won't be safe anywhere else, and if you miss a step, you aren't going to fall to sudden death. The ground can catch you quickly and set you back on the beam. People with all of these excuses and explanations just seem even more desperate for the truth, because they sound so ridiculous. Come down off your high, high horse, because it's going to buck you off eventually, anyway. Don't claim to be trying, tolerant, and wise when you ignore the ground rules. By the way I'm not talking to anyone specific, unless it's myself or all planet earth.

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