Tuesday, May 11, 2010

some things I just love.

Wow, I am so surprised how quickly Tuesdays have been filtering through. We are already on episode 3 of The Hills tonight. I really love having things like this to look forward to each week. Because as much as I try not to, I am addicted to and obsessed with making time go by faster, and just passing the time away like an assembly line of days. Yeah, they tell us to just enjoy the moment. Which I do...but I also really enjoy when another week goes by so completely easily and I can't believe the Hills is on again tonight. Time gets in my way a LOT. Just stands right in front of me and I'm like .... "ok, move?" Just like when you can't see past someone's head to a stage, it frustrates you. There are things I want to have happen that just aren't happening, and I have been waiting and waiting. But it's ok, because there are things about my individual life that leave me thoroughly satisfied every day. I enjoy my life.

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