Sunday, June 13, 2010

I do not appreciate business men.

This fact alone is cause to begin my list, because
they need you to appreciate them. If you don't, they are offended, and you are the problem.

they don't accept your free water cups, they have to pay for smart water.
if you laugh at their jokes, they will give you a good tip, plus a wink. (oh please)
if you don't laugh at their jokes...they will profusely harass you, and give you an even better tip. (they just don't make any sense)
they honestly expect you to throw in some free desserts, only because they are important...or whatever it is they are.
I don't know why are they important? Because they have company credit cards?
they always have ugly hair.
they lie on the phone, I hear them.
they don't talk business at their business lunches.
they refuse to throw away their own greasy, balled up napkins.
they think it's fun to order malts for their way back to the "office" (inflicting pain upon my frozen hands)
they think they are hilarious!!!
they think they are the masters of flirtation (they aren't) and they think it's ok to flirt (it's not.)
and never do they trust my opinions on what's good, yet they still ask me billions of questions, thinking it's some kind of game that I'm wanting to play. (ohhh no)
business men consider themselves athletes of business. like it's a sport. everything and everyone is a potential client. everyone but the employees serving them, who are their form of entertainment...seeing how annoying and mean they can be without causing us to be rude. because then they will complain. and we continually bow to them.
get over it, guys.

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  1. haha. I love it! Sometime you need to put them in their place though.