Friday, June 18, 2010

late concept

I was getting a Snoasis with my good friend Sarah tonight. We were sitting in my car talking and enjoying the summer night. And we were saying how weird it is that certain things had happened a year ago, because a year just doesn't feel like a year anymore. The older I get the shorter years seem to be. If I thought about it briefly I would say that not a lot has changed or happened. But if you look closely at the details you see that it morphs all the time. You don't notice it because your daily routines stay the same. Well you think they do. But do you get ready for bed the same way you did a year ago? Do you have the same alarm sound? I don't. How about your pajamas? I bet you're wearing something different to sleep. New soap in the shower, and new boys to shower for. Songs stuck in my head that didn't exist last year. And hopefully a stronger and wiser me.

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