Wednesday, June 30, 2010

without a cause.

Well wow.....
Sometimes I don't enjoy looking at other people's blogs because it stresses me out how unsuccessful I am so far comparatively. Please give me time to catch up? All of these people my age have careers in Paris and Zimbabwe and Australian husbands. I'm like what in the world?? Knock it off!! I have probably $300 and 4 college credits to my name. Zero references. No clue. I want to be valid, like my own entity. I don't want to be a child for another day. I don't want to dance around the smirk on my face. I want my personal life to be legendary to me. I hate wind and traffic. I'm feelin' a little bit of both. My mind is cloudy, and stormy. I feel inclined to hang on to things like blankets and my mom and cereal at 3am. Three day hair doesn't phase me like it used to, neither does the opposite sex. Feelin like I'm writing with pencil instead of pen. This stuff is gonna fade. Can a girl get a sharpie??
I should probably split before lightning strikes.
I had to jump town and my money's all spent.

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