Monday, August 2, 2010

don't....stop....thinkin about tomorrow

Soooooooo this morning as I lent a slight hand cleaning up the storage room in our basement, I came across a bag of my old stuff. I was surprised when I looked through the bag how well I had organized things...I was like "I have this ability?" Anyway, I found some of the old stuffed animals me and Daniel used to be best friends with. Cozy, and I was looking for Cuddly but I couldn't find him. And then I found our sleepy eddie shirts. And then I thought about all of the games we made up, (what's your name, Daaaaaaaniel?) all of the things we secretly broke, giving our stuffed animals a bath.... all of the pre-vacation and Thanksgiving day sleepovers we had. Running away from Stormy, and watching let's see how they grow. Fleetwood Mac songs in the garage. Starting huge fires in the kitchen at five in the morning and putting them out with milk.... Trips with dad to San Diego. We really did bond in our childhood, and I'm hoping he hasn't forgotten.

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