Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Summer is hard to hold on to.

Youth is hard to hold on to.

I hate it that school is a thing of this week. Not only for me but for everyone. Why do we have to do it? I know that there are all these positive people out there who love learning and appreciate education, and the smell of books. And good for them. But I just wish we could all spend more quality time together outside of the classroom. That's just me. I can truly say that the main reason I am going to school this time around is so I don't feel inadequate or not-so-productive. I couldn't care any less to go to class. I feel strongly that the classroom actually handicaps my learning. But maybe that will change if I just make it more fun my mind somehow. I can sense within myself a severe bitter attitude towards this summer ending. I'm really going to put forth the effort to remove it from me completely. Cause it's not healthy for me to express and feel constant NO over it. I am glad there are certain things in my life that leave me feeling happy and fulfilled. Like good friends. Like Sarah, she's a good one. Wouldn't ever forget to mention her. She's my best friend. We do lunch and dinner. We are the citizens L.A. never had. My mom, what a solid friend. My mom is an angel to me. Who I'm really trying to talk about is Kaleb. Because I like to talk about significant things in my life, I simply can't leave him out of my words. And it's just a small thing like saying I really like him, and he's so cute and funny... that will suffice, because it sums up a great deal of the current me.

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