Wednesday, September 22, 2010

spectrum of conditions

does that he said she said crowd ever shut up. what can ya do with a subdued panic mode that somebody shot up numb with that socialite needle. there is a side that to me is unknown, and it's dark, and i feel like i need a night light. i also need an alarm clock, to ring out very loud if ever it's time to seriously get up. and that night watchman; can't he ever catch a break. i just don't want him to ever return and find hollow surprises. the thunder is always followed by lightning, and lightning is charged with murder. murder by death. death that kills. things that die. so when it rains or it's one tells me not to fear. the watchman tells me to run. and i don't have those cool new nikes. i don't even want to run. i want to stay where i am and reach out and touch the blazing storm.

Why can't oil and water ever mix? Just like this experience and that feeling. Like me, and myself. Sometimes, maybe. Even my heart and my brain. I want to put my soil under studies.

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