Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I remember being a kid.

I always thought that having a fever and a sore throat was more of a horizontal feeling, and getting a stomach sickness felt more vertical. I thought that people weren't dead unless they would lay on the ground and cross their arms and close their eyes, cause that's how they always were in coffins. Wearing my dad's denim coat with white wool lining was my most favorite cozy thing ever. I still think about it and get watery eyes. Cookies from ward parties always made me feel really sick. I had nightmares about Captain Hook. Whenever it was Easter and general conference, I craved the fun size snickers and wearing purple. Saturday nights and wearing curlers gave me the biggest pit in my stomach, like life wasn't worth it if I had to wear curlers and go to church. At school, I always got up to sharpen my pencil when it was already sharp, and finally the teacher made me get permission every time, so I stopped doing it because I was too shy to ask. Then my pencil was always too dull. I thought I was the master at boondoggle and no one was allowed to borrow my array of colored thread. I have never peed my pants before. If my parents brought me medicine when I was sick, I would go completely under the covers to take it so no one could watch me to dramatize the event. I would stop to tighten my velcro sandals every two steps because they were NEVER equally tight. Wherever they are today, they are probably still not equally tight. I would get extremely crushed when my sunday school teachers said they had treats for us, and it would end up being a piece of paper hand out. Eff. I had the most profound crush ever on Taylor Johnson, and I would stick my tongue out at him all of the time but he didn't know it because I had my hand over my mouth. This weird kid Kendall who was in my class would choke on his orange EVERY DAY at lunch, spitting out a massive orange string ball. That massive orange string ball. I still can't get it out of my mind and eat oranges.

I had some embarrassing moments. Like when I brought a doll to show and tell and I had it dressed in some of my underwear, and when I held it up to show the class my underwear fell onto the floor. Then there was this one time when I had a runny nose at piano lessons, and know. And then there was the time when my older sisters had a friend named Melissa, and she was over at our house playing. We were all in the basement and my mom called down the stairs "Melissa?" and I said "what?" and it ended up being the other Melissa she was talking to, so I pretended that I knew that, and proceeded to turn my what into a rap like "what, what, whawha what!!"

I was always curious to know what it felt like to have a headache or be tired, because I never experienced either until like 9th grade. Me and my friends used to go to the "feminine supply" teacher in 4th grade and get supplies, and then go try them on in the bathrooms and yell about how they felt like diapers. I told all the boys at school that we had urinals in the girls bathroom, and they hung from chains. Eventually they all believed me. I wore a sticker on my face every single day for like how many years? We used to make boats in my barn, spray paint them with flags and everything, and then send them sailing down the ditch. We had sleepovers out in my barn too, we would turn a big fan on it's side and throw goldfish in there, and they would come spraying out everywhere in tiny crumbs. The days after sleepovers were the worst for me, cause I had to clean that up. I played soccer and Junior Jazz and never made any contributions to the game except for one time when I made a basket in Junior Jazz, only to find out the game wasn't going anymore. In soccer, I always played defense and had handstand contests with myself. I went to gymnastics every monday with my turquoise leo, and always made fun of "newspaper girl" with my friends. (Her leotard was newspaper design!) Me and my friends would have spiritual moments and cry about deaths at sleepovers. We also took it the other way and did unmentionable things at sleepovers. Me, Laura and Kelli would always play the candybar game, and Kelli always ended up getting to eat the whole candy bar. We rollerbladed around the tennis court and listened to the Aurthor soundtrack over and over for about a week. We caught Jake Palmer singing Bon Jovi in his bedroom window. We would walk to KK and get pregnant with fries every Saturday. We would steel the Allen's hammock and carve things into their quakies. We would play the genie level on Aladin over and over and over again, purposely. But we could never beat the game. I loooooved watching Malcom in the Middle everyday after school. This one time I tried to make a power point presentation into a comedy having nothing to do with the assignment, and when I ended up actually presenting it, it was just really awkward for me. And this is only a fraction of my's hard to think of everything all at once.

The shirt that I'm wearing in this picture with my mom was my favorite shirt in the world, it made me feel so cute. And that coat is Kelli's but I stole it from her and pretended it was mine until we were all convinced that it was.

Good times with Daniel and two on one vacations with dad deserve their own personal entry.

I have always had big ears.

The day I was baptized I was in the worst mood. I cried all day

My mom used to be kinda creepy and dress us exactly alike. She's not that way anymore.

There were times when I was a very emotional teenager.


  1. haha!
    i totally remember all of this stuff! we had a blast. too bad we had to grow up and start doing lame things. remember when we faked the "ax" in the palmer's field and made a fake newspaper and everything to try and convince kelli? we had some great times...