Thursday, November 18, 2010

me no speak americano.

I'm really glad that sometimes is only sometimes. I'm glad the good sometimes can over rule the sometimes that's handicapped. (Handicapped, probably one of my favorite adjectives.)
You know when the sports team you are cheering for almost wins, and then they lose? You know when you spill something all down the front of you. When you find out you have less than a hundred in your bank account. You start to try harder than you ever have previous, and whatever you're aiming for suddenly turns impossible.

It's not that the odds are stacked against me. It's more I am a stack of one odd thing after another. A stack getting a little too high. I thank heaven for tomorrow, because today defeats me and tips me over.
Tomorrow I'll get knee pads and war paint and arrows and armor, because today must never repeat itself. It must remain solid like a wall as an example of what happened, so to never happen again. I will forever be more brave. To admit. To let go. To love, and just as important to let myself be loved. Loved not solely because of my strengths, and not omitting my weaknesses. For that love to encourage a battle for my right to my strengths, and to defeat my weaknesses. So therefore loved for my efforts.

Photo cred: Kaleb and me.

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