Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm just gonna follow the sound

I remember, back when I was a little junior high girl, that feeling I had right before I got checked out. The beep of the intercom, the call to the teacher. And then my stomach would drop because I knew I would hear my name. "Could you please send Melissa Scott to the front office? She's being checked out" I'd be way nervous because the attention was going to go to me, but it was a good, excited kind of nervous- like I'm leaving school! Back in the day, it didn't get any better than being checked out. Now, I can still relate to that feeling when I hear Kaleb's truck arriving afront my house. I still get kind of nervous to answer the door like- "oh my gosh I'm about to see his face!" and it's just so exciting. I hear the rambling of his truck and suddenly...I get this feeling. Anything's possible!

Me and the truck in all my autism.

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