Wednesday, November 30, 2011


when she was just a girl
she expected the world
but it flew away from her reach so
she ran away in her sleep
and dreamed of
every time she closed her eyes

This song by Coldplay means so much to my stale feet. For all the dust that collects around me. For all the times I flew north for the winter. For the hibernation of my little Universe. I don't care how far away they seem right now, because my dreams will always be bigger than this ordinary life. My destiny will not be short lived or hollow. Because of the earthquakes and mountains in my mind, I will continually surf through the same old stuff on the world that waits, not outside my door, but inside my speedy little heart. They always talk of dreams, and how they only exist when we sleep. I do not believe this. I believe life is more of a miracle. I believe there is a way to let your soul speak, and to make your brainy, narrow lips be quiet, because they only tell the truth.

(photo is of my feet.)

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