Monday, November 28, 2011

what you want, you are, you always were

What can I say tonight? With a tornado of things.
Sparkly gold ornaments on our first Christmas tree.
A clock that won't stop ticking-I didn't even know we had clocks in our house and I'm spooked..I can't go in Bella's room.
Blood stains on the freeway that more than likely aren't from an animal.
A lobster in a chef's coat and hat. (Or a zebra or an elephant)
Home made candy bars.
A jar full of pennies...and that's all.
Gash on my thumb from frail craft attempts is throbbing and hot
Still sighing about that ultimate grilled cheese from Zupas for dinner.
Torn about egg nog- do I like it or not?
Genius...what defines it?
School...who needs it? dare it?
Thanksgiving hash.
Romeo and Juliet.
New make up bag, new running shoes.
Clowns wandering around the mall in the form of women.
Dying to afford J Crew.

I was at Wal Mart with my mom, she asked a worker for some tinsel. The lady said she hadn't seen any, and "good luck finding some this late in the game." What in the world that is still spinning out November? I understand, it's ok to be excited.

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