Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You've really worked hard today

A couple of months ago, I quit my job. I would relate it to jumping off a moving train. Even if you brace yourself, and time it just right- you won't land on your feet. I thumped and scraped along to a screeching. blinding. halt. As I have been out of school for the time being, and now work, (and struggled immensely), I have learned a trophy lesson. I now lay here by the train track, with the fuss of the world way ahead of me, to elaborate.

I own it.

Just because the main things I do are folding towels and cooking slightly lascivious dinners, (yes I know what the word means), it doesn't mean that is my final offering to the world. (Although I fold towels real perfect, and sometimes my spicified cooking is sensational.) Ahem.

This is me owning my current situation. I have had times when I felt powerless. Times when I felt useless. The only time I ever became truly powerless or useless is when I believed myself to be.

You don't explain yourself to anyone. You don't recite excuses and re-assure with future plans. You don't need to. You just own what you are doing because you do it so astoundingly well. Whether you feed the children or work for corporate, never let up that you are anything less than a woman who knows entirely what she's doing.

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