Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas By: The Moon.

I was a witness to the very first Christmas. It was the prettiest, most silent night the world has ever known. Everything slowed
down in great measure, and a hush blanketed the earth. The fair virgin, Mary, carried a load heavier than the stories realize. Inside of her was a most sacred season. Inside of her was every future gift received, carol sung, and Christmas light strung. Inside of her was not one life, but every life. The whole earth was glitter, and magic that night. The mightiest bells chimed ever so softly.

The galaxies stopped their swirling and racing, and outer space in its entirety gazed at the earth in truest awe. We all watched as the world beat like a warm plump heart, and a wave of sanctuary and peace flooded the vast waters. There was no human or tree, animal or flower that did not stand still in humble praise. The orbit slowed.

Just when that night had reached it's darkest hour, there was a powerful stir. It did not provoke the listening land, but wrapped it's winds around it as if to keep it quiet. To keep nature reigned in as the Son of the Almighty God was delivered from a dignified womb.

And then the Christ child was here, and kingdom earth sighed the most joyful, weeping sigh. A special star descended from the heavens, and arose in the earthly sky. Heavenly hosts encircled the sphere. They struck the earth with sweet music, and it began to tilt and spin again. A royal prince now lay in a frightening world. He had arrived to save them all from their every fear and tragedy.

Since that shimmering, spectacular night I have watched thousands of Christmases go by. I have seen the honor of a Heavenly King scatter and disperse. I have seen a crowded jumble of worried heads and busy hands gather instead. Christmas makes me tired now. Those people scurry around so quickly. They buy and they bake and they take. They have parties and drinks and sometimes their hearts are quite greedy. And they do it all for what?

They were not there that first Christmas night, but they pretend to know. They are so busy celebrating that they don't remember why they do it. There are so many colors and so much decor and endless bustling that the earth becomes loud and blurry. It looks an ugly brown. The orbit becomes frustrated, and moves a little faster too.

This would be a tragic occurance, were it not for Christmas Eve. When all the presents are wrapped, all the shopping finished, and the people lay down in their brand new pajamas to wait for the welcome morning, something miraculous happens. Santa Claus does not shoot across the sky. Snowmen don't come to life. In the darkest hour there is a powerful stir. It does not provoke the anxious land, but wraps it's winds around it as if to reign it in. As if the arms of the Son of the Almighty God wrap around his children, and remind them why. All the fears and tragedies of all those people, young and old are snatched up in the breeze that night. The orbit slows and time catches up. All those people may never know, the excitement that keeps their eyes open and hearts leaping is not because of presents underneath the tree. It is because they have been given a greater gift that night. A special gift. A gift they don't understand but they love it most.

The Universe patiently waits for another night like the first Christmas. For a time when the Savior will return again. When the brightest star will reappear. When we can watch the spirits inside everyone slow down, and chime, and understand, and remember. Christmas.


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  1. Wow. I posted this on my blog. Hope you don't mind. I would love for the whole world to read it. It's amazing--really.

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