Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sister Kate

There is this one lady in our ward. I have carefully examined her ever since we moved here last February. She is just so interesting to me, and I can't help it.

She is this quiet little soul that always sits in the back row corner seat of the room at church. She doesn't really talk to anyone, but kind of sits there with a weary look on her face. This gave me a certain impression of her, so then I was surprised when she got up to give the relief society lesson one Sunday and it was the most beautiful, intelligent, warm hearted, outgoing lesson I had heard in a while.

She looks like she would be too shy to say anything, because she just sits there all fidgety and looks down. But then, she will all of a sudden raise her hand and make these elaborate comments that just blow everyone away with her genius. She knows everything.

One week, she was the discussion leader in Gospel Doctrine. The whole time she was talking I just kept thinking to myself "She has to be a writer." And sure enough, at the end of the meeting, she reluctantly and humbly invited everyone to check out the book she had written about learning to be happy. I looked it up when I got home and found that they sell it at Deseret Book.

Later on, after this woman had become somewhat of a spectacle to me, I noticed that she lives in our condo complex. I started to see her walking a little dog, a big coat on with hood drawn, looking down. Every time I pass I want to say hello to her, but I am honestly afraid.

I guess the point of me saying all this, and this is going to sound really wierd, is that I feel really safe now knowing that she lives by us. (I do feel safe living with my Marine husband, too) -But it's just comforting knowing that a woman who is so obviously very close to God is near. And so now, if I ever feel too confused, or sad or scared, I feel like it's a possibility that I would swallow my pride and knock on her door, and she would teach me how to feel otherwise.


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