Monday, December 19, 2011

Why Do You Scream?

A woman screamed at the kitchen table.
She sat across from the only man who had loved her.
She wondered if she had ever loved him...
"Why do you scream?" he asked her
as her frightened eyes widened
and she ducked and tried to hide from the clock
that microwave clock that struck "Never."

A boy screamed in his bed at night.
as he dreamt of the man he would be
"Why do you scream?" That man asked him...
as his itch to grow up spread across him
and he was thirsty for muscle and more
That man disappeared forever.

A soldier screamed out in the desert mid-night
as he dreamt of the boy he once was
"Why do you scream?" that little boy asked him...
as his old toy soldiers crept on him and fired
and his last breath sent his kite to the ground
that ghost he remains in the desert.

A girl screamed in the school lunch hall
as she sat in her circle of peers
"Why do you scream?" one girl asked her
as the boys swirled around her light head
and she loved and adored their shoulders and hands
but for her those boys never gave a damn.

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