Tuesday, January 24, 2012

birthday aftermath.

Today was a deliberately wonderful day.
It was so great a day that I thought to record it.
You never know when another magical day like this will delight you.

So yesterday was my birthday, which in itself was good. I went to Gandolfo's for lunch, and Noodles & Company for dinner, and Kaleb got me a Diana Camera. I also got gift cards and money.

With that money, I made a simple plan in my head to go shopping. I am in love with wandering around the mall alone for hours. There is a new song in every store, and so many people to watch. I spent a good 3-4 hours there, which included lunch at The Corner Bakery. The waiter man who delivered my lunch even commended me for my love of hot sauce.

I have gotten astoundingly good at not buying things I want, and it makes me feel good when I leave the mall with one small bag. It's just right!

I couldn't have a shopping day without going to my all-time favorite store, Savers. It was a happy time, finding these glorious finds.

Then I got this ingenious idea for dinner, while pondering over what I could make with ingredients we already had. I made this BBQ chicken pizza, and it was so verrrrry tasty! I used BBQ sauce, mozzerella cheese, pico de gallo, green chiles and grilled chicken. Homemade crust too, of course. We topped it off with slight amounts of Sriracha sauce, and it was practically perfect.


Then it was time to drop Kaleb off at the lone corner of the parking lot. I got out of the car to hug him goodbye, and he said hold on a second. (Get ready for some obnoxious husband boasting.) Apparently Kaleb has taken to listening to country music while he is on the road. I bet that hard working man is just trying to live out the all encompassing American Dream the best he can. ;) He said "There is this country song. It's about a man. His wife asks him something like...what would you do without me? And the man says that he could go fishing a lot more, and have more time, and have nicer things and a bachelor pad and stuff. But then he says that he would be spending all that time just looking for her and wanting her, because all of that stuff is second to her. And...yeah.. it's just a cool song."

It was so cute. I understood exactly what he meant.

Now I'm here sipping on my Ice Storm that I got from Nordstrom. The one with 1,140 calories in it, as the lady in the fur coat waiting for her Americana informed me.


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