Monday, January 2, 2012

Dodge the inevitable.

I have fruity fresh bubblegum in my mouth.
My blood is hot pink and sweet sweet sweet.
It's that frost on the grass-they are good mornings but they're cold.
I've got nerves that water the plants and write piano songs.
I trade in winter boots and coat hooks for the barest feet and tea cups.
I'm out of town, and I'm watching hotel room television.
My shirt is the perfect color, and I can't believe I never thought purple before.
It's fine to get hurt when you have pretty bandaids and extra attention.
My apple orchard turns sad and orange when it turns over a thousand apples to a thousand new teachers.
I would practice my violin if I had one. I would cook dinner for the kids if I had them.
My house is white and my windowsills red. I crave a homework view from my bedroom window.
I'm warm at cold midnight construction sights.
I'm running downstairs with candy cane gifts, but Christmas is over and so is 2011.

Time for a new piece of bubblegum!

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