Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last night when I was fast asleep.
I dreamt of the same old stuff, but it was different.
The dreamfolks were excited, and ready for something.
We sat around discussing the plans we have always had, but this time it was as if we were going to follow through.
This whole day I have felt a really wonderful type of change in the air. The caterpillars that have been squirming around at the bottom of my stomach blossomed into butterflies, and nearly flew all the way up my throat. They felt the change too.
It's kind of like that feeling at orientation of summer camp on the first day. You sit there in your oversized, creased, brand new t-shirt with stomach cramps and sweaty palms. You look out at the canoes, the rock wall, the rope swing. You wonder if it will always look more enticing when it is still and unused, catching the sunlight. Maybe you should call your mom and go home before the beauty dies. You think that until suddenly you're barefoot, flying through the air, and your body smacks this freezing cold water, and then you are screaming with five of your friends forever.
All the dreamfolks are wearing their Hello, my name is __________ on their shirts, and there is an orientation going on.
On the agenda: butterfly catching.

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