Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Listen, I can't complain right now. I'm in this beautiful bedroom, it's so lovely I can't explain. I'm surrounded by soft pillows, girl colors, and a wide open window at my bedside. I feel so special here, while my heart beats with the night crickets and explodes with the morning rooster. At night I feel like the moon sailing across the sky from dry land to dry mountain, never looking for a place to settle but just watching the world go by, go by, go by. I see a million glowing starfish, and plane sharks preying on foreign countries. It doesn't bother me that the world goes by, I just do my job. At day I feel like the sun peeking inside all kinds of windows, getting so many tiny glimpses of exquisite everyday afternoons.

I'm not sad. I'm not longing for a million things I can't have right now. I'm just laughing at all the pieces scattered across the floor. I'm trying not to step on shards with barefeet and I can't help but make it a dance. I'm remembering how much I truly love to sweep.

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