Friday, February 3, 2012

You know that moment when you have just showered, and you are driving to the bank in your shiny car with your husband, and then you have coupons to go to the grocery store, and you picture your clean kitchen at home with the lights turned off and silence except for the fridge, and you see these pretty rings on your fingers, and Beastie Boys comes on the radio, and you put fresh gum in, and you run into an inside joke with your husband that justifies everything, and then he says "let's eat out tonight", then you finally sneeze and you buy cans of pop at the store?

For me, that is one scenario of "the little things in life" that everyone's always buzzing about. The little things. I try to keep them simple, and they are to me. But I can't always describe these intricate little things. Sometimes everything just flows without any effort, and you're like surfing across the day, and that's just it. It's not easy to stay on top of the surf.

I'm not missing the point though, I love little things that are more explainable, too. I have a few in mind.

One Friday afternoon when we picked up Bell, I had coconut M&M's in hand that I had just purchased from the Maverick. I had never tried them. Bella had never tried them. We shared the bag of coconut M&M's and we both loved them a little bit. We shared them again another Friday when we picked her up. Now every time we are at any store, Bella whispers to me if we could find some coconut M&M's for us. She's always mentioning it to me, like it's our tradition. Whenever she sees them, she stops and points at the M&M's and smiles at me...and it's our thing. I love that, because when you get older it's those memories of your favorite candies and rituals that you look back on and sigh. I hope one day when Bella sees coconut M&M's, she remembers her weekends with us and feels some of that warm ache in her heart.

For a very long time now we have been wanting to get another truck because it will help to further Kaleb's business. It's hard to afford when we already have two. We have spent a lot of time kinda sitting across from each other saying, "it would just be nice to have another truck." But it didn't seem possible. A few weeks ago we found ourselves in a little dealership that smelled like raspberries at a round table with a gentleman named Lee. He helped us stew literally all day. We made this long winded, risky decision, came at him finally breathing out, we'll take it. That handsome silver one. Then Kaleb and Lee shook hands. That handshake is what I'm talking about. I noticed something igniting as they shook hands. I saw with my eyes that this simple handshake was going to do marvelous things, then my eyes told my pulse to slow down and it did, and intuition took good care of itself.

Isabella. The loudest one in the house, and probably in our whole complex of condos. The loudest kid in the restaurants and grocery stores. The one who has a hard time ever not making noise when parents are trying to concentrate, says: "I need absolute quiet" when she sits down to paint.

I play practical jokes on Kaleb that he doesn't even care about but I think I am so funny. They are things that I think will freak him out only because they would freak me out. For example putting a loofa on the front doorknob when I know he's coming home, or sticking it in his snack bag. Or rolling his long socks all the way down so they gather as giant rings around the ankle, and then sticking them in his drawer that way or on the table legs. Then I laugh like a baby would and he almost pays no mind, and that is what makes it most hilarious.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot of fun with each other!! I love that you and Bella share a connection and have traditions of your own, I think she will remember you always and have the warmest thought of you!! I love that you are so gentle and caring with her!! You make a wonderful mother to her!! Thank you!!!