Thursday, March 8, 2012

fight or flight

It's an interesting decision, severely easy to get mixed up, too. Fight or flight. You would think flight would take you away from whatever dreadfulness. You'd toss all your pretty pennies behind you, hoping they fed the monster. It only uses them to buy the next plane ticket out. Endlessly chasing you out of town, back home again. Out of town, back home again.

You would think fighting meant clenching your fists, and all your muscles really. You would think it meant standing up against whatever dreadfulness, neverever giving in. You'd think that if you threw enough punches, fighting might be the answer. Do you really think monsters won't fight you back?

In my opinion, it's an impossible decision. It's not smart to run away, but it's not smart to defy. The only smart thing you have left to do is take immensely deep breaths, welcome whatever dreadfulness that just wants a home, and put it to bed.

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