Monday, March 26, 2012


Some routines are simply obnoxious, and make you feel a bit too tethered to your life, right? Like loading and unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, and putting produce in those bags that you can never get open. Sometimes you just never want to do it again. You get this hopeless pain for a vacation. You imagine skip walking along an airport terminal with fresh lip gloss and gum in your messenger bag, a read that is starving for your attention, and the perfect snack. You're going somewhere warm with sushi restaurants, naturally.

It's so easy to want this. To feel like you just can't scratch the itch from the endless amounts of dryer sheets until you take a monumental, deliberate break from laundry and everything else. Your routines are like the prison guards that you can't out smart and out run, but you are in prison after all so you're criminal enough to try.

So you take a vacation. I am not out to be a pessimist right now, I promise...but think about vacations. At least for me, I often find myself wondering...can a girl get some decent shampoo?

Let me stop, because all I am trying to say here is remember your prison buddies. Those late night card games. Every Wednesday when they let you out to play basketball. In other words, traditions lining your routines. That's what makes your life worth living.

For me, it's going out to dinner on Monday night with my mom and brother. Making dessert and indulging in our favorite television every Wednesday when Kaleb is finally home for the week. Date night Thursday night, which involves Rumbi 70% of the time. Swimming and homemade personal pizzas every Saturday, with a scrabble game followed by the winner's massage Sunday evening.

It's like a biological clock of entertainment, and your brain remembers that it's time to love and be happy. It's all too wonderful to deny.

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