Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ding dong the witch is fed

I love those biggest things in the way...the things that make everybody, at some point in their life, sweat. Endless amounts of waiting, time standing still. Snack bar decisions finally seem trivial, and you don't care if it's a smoothie or a cookie today, you just want that one major wish to come true. That monumental step you're banking on, that seems once you take it you'll have reached the top.

Even though a lot of the time you eventually take those steps, it doesn't really feel like you did. It happens so slow (or fast) that you can't quite detect the deflation of letting go of your held breath. Dust will always gather, even with fresh air. Even leafy green trees make messes after long wet winters. Witches, have kids. Rightful imperfection will be standing by.

That's why I love the biggest things in the way, and not out of the way. Because my fondest memories are placed in snack bars, just grabbing a snack. Wondering when my time will come for one salvation or another. I can't forget my hopeless doodles, soda stomach, chewed straws, stupidest jokes and severe innocence.

Often times I miss feeling trapped in a time warp, a stress vacuum. It's something about the way those cookies tasted when they were all I had.

*I don't know if this is a good thing or agreeable, nor do I know if any of my delicate dreams have actually come maybe don't listen to me, but the biggest things in the way- aren't they the prettiest mountains, your majesty.

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