Monday, April 23, 2012

Have you ever noticed that birds and bugs are always narrowly escaping death? As feet stomp on trails and cars stop for nothing so small and fast, a great amount of them seem to not get squashed. A fair amount of them also, get squashed.

You can look at a man who sips a drink across the table with glasses balancing on his nose. He looks like a New England professor, or something. You know this man will always notice when your shirt matches your eyes, or what the best late night talk shows are. He can easily explain to you which vegetables he doesn't care for, and how to cook the good ones right. He knows far too much about celebrity crosswords, and he knows and cares about Ryan Seacrest enough not to like him. He understands curtains, colors and rhymes. But if it came down to it, and this man was to defend himself or die, would he have the instinct to fire a bullet, or would he be afraid?

I'm not saying it's good to be afraid, I'm not saying it's bad to be afraid, but now think of a warrior man. The type who is not afraid. Who has a quick reflex, and knows trouble when it's coming. He doesn't think a lot about books or trends, but he knows how an engine runs and how an engine breaks down. His aim is protection and his arrow is sharp, and he'll face death through the night until it retreats, no matter how many swipes of the sword.

So which type of man would be the squashed bug, and which type of man wouldn't?

It all depends, doesn't it, it all depends on the type of predator.

Is it a woman or a killer?


  1. Amazing. Put this in your book. Start a book this way. It is pure pure genious!!!!

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