Friday, April 20, 2012

almost lost but always found

Honestly, just relax your face. Don't tell me you didn't just notice that your face was a tiny bit tense. It's because you were thinking or looking for something, you don't know what it was but you were searching for something, weren't you? You always are, aren't you?

I notice that I am always searching for something, sometimes desperately, and I have no clue what or why. But then I find things which helps me to understand.

I'm at lunch with my dad. His phone rings and it's his wife just getting out of the hair salon. He answers the phone in an upbeat tone saying "How does it look?!" followed by obvious positive feedback from the other end. And then I knew I had been searching for that moment. That it wasn't until then that I noticed it is quite a sunny day, and love was not born today and neither will it die today.

I don't know!

Am I too strange

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