Tuesday, May 8, 2012

steam rolling dreams

What happens when you see something so wonderful to you that you can't take your eyes off of it? The kind of thing that tells you what you're living for, finally certainly. And you know who you are now, and you know why you cry, and why you walk up steep hills, and why you endure.

A girl met the love of her life on a train. The boy sat across from her as she traveled, and when he greeted her it was not her language. And her heart broke two times, once for the beauty of his voice and twice for the tragedy that she would never understand it. She knew she could never see another man the same, and she knew she'd never see him after she got off the train. But she did not return home empty handed, he sent her at least with a rose.

She waits for the imminent death of that rose, all roses die. The very sun that feeds that flower speaks another language, and her heart is broken twice.

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