Monday, June 11, 2012

midnight bakery

Last night Kaleb and I were really tired and declared it was time to go to bed. 2 hours later we hit the lights. It happens often, that we can't quite feel our way to sleep until we talk aimlessly about everything. I think we live a peaceful life, but inside we can both be pretty worried and unstirred.

It seems like we are piles of dough laying there on the bed. We take turns speaking and listening, and speaking and listening, understanding and being understood. Two piles of dough, twisted up in eachother's wonder and life. The warmth of love and friendship fosters our doughy insides. I like to think that when we finally turn off the light we have risen double in size. All the words floating around the room heat up nice and slow, bouncing off our noses and knees. And us, woven into eachother, bake in the darkness and stillness of night until the morning when hopefully, we wake up hot cross buns.

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  1. one a penny, two a penny...
    lovely words, meliss.