Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the hardness of big things

On some days, like today, I feel like an ant who got stepped on but didn't quite die. I'm in and out of a coma it appears, and people everywhere are beaming at me, so excited for me because of this. Believe me, I am excited too. More excited than anyone else, for my growing baby. But even ten full minutes of Heaven's good graces I could use right now. Just a small amount of time where I wasn't choking it back. Or if an angel could just come and show me the calendar, the exact day wherein I start feeling better, and maybe if it wasn't too far away I would be able to dig up my smile. To pass the time, I drew this picture of my little girl when she's all grown up. One week from today I find out that my girl is a girl. And I'll be grinched if I'm wrong, but equally pleased.

(We are all better off looking at this without me trying to draw a face.)

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