Sunday, January 5, 2014

I was eating an apple, it was super crisp and bright green. It radiated bite and sourness and the juice fell from the roof of my mouth too quick to savor. A man who knew me very well tapped me on the shoulder and at the point I turned around to look at him he told me. "Why are you eating a green apple anyway? You'd prefer fruit that was much softer and sweeter."

Sincerely. But I know that it's the harvest of apple that I would absolutely enjoy, if only I loved apples. And what if that apple is very good for me, and keeps me from feeling dizzy in the daytime? Maybe the harshness of the apple is only because I am not accustom to eating them. Maybe if I just chew on it long enough I'll start to prefer it.

Who knows. I know, that a lot of the time it's not just people who can leave you feeling heart broken. A circumstance can wipe you right out. It takes creativity to be happy sometimes. Sometimes you have to amaze yourself by things that seem simple but really are complex. Like flocks of birds that know just how to fly together and land together. Flocks of antibodies inside of you, that rush through your system and know how to fight off infections, you don't even have to tap them on the shoulder to remind them.

A man can tap on my shoulder, and tell me what's best for me. I can choose to not even turn around if I don't want to. To an extent, I can choose what is preferable to me. I can savor whatever I want to. Maybe I can't fly, but I have antibodies that can. Millions of them. Green apples keep them alive.

(No I'm not sick though)

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