Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I didn't ever know that leaf blowing was so much fun. Blowing leaves. I blew leaves out of my garage with a leaf blower, and it was like hours of endless fun. I blew the leaves much farther than they needed to go, because I didn't want to stop!

I went to La Carreta with Kevin...It's Peruvian food. It was actually really good, I thought. Maybe it was the fact that we were expecting something so crazy that when it turned out to be somewhat normal we thought it fantastic. But I wonder, if we were to get that same food at say, The Olive Garden...would we call it disgusting? It's all about context and the mind. However Kevin will be fine in Peru. I hope so. He'll be golden

I don't know maybe he likes it...

He likes it!

I like it.

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