Thursday, June 10, 2010

why do I lie??

I am very curious and actually at a loss as to why I say some things. Weird lies. Only about things that don't matter, and aren't going to send me to hell, though. Like today, my manager at work started asking me how I was. And out of nowhere I said fantastic, I am actually 100% satisfied with my life.
It is funny because that is so FALSE. Yet I said it with such confidence, and I don't know why. A guess of mine is that maybe I don't like it when people try to tell me how frustrating my life is. They say things to me like THAT SUCKS! And it makes me a little angry, because even if it does...I want to say NO IT DOESN'T. Because if it's me, and my life, I am the one who decides what sucks. I don't particularly like when people say to me "man, that's so frustrating." Because I am very easily swayed by opinions. If someone tells that to me I have to try a little harder not to be pitiful. And that's annoying when I'm REALLY trying to not be pitiful. It's a pride thing. I will admit that.
Another thing I lie about: I tell people that I love sushi. My reasons for doing this are sound. Sushi is classy, mature, sophisticated, fashionable, trendy. Therefore I say I love it. But I don't like sushi. In fact I don't like fish even at all. I like the buffalo roll (chicken) and the frida roll (veggie) and that's all the sushi I will ever enjoy.

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