Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For everyone, sometimes.... unfortunate cards are dealt. I have some neighbors who have lived on our street forever. 20 years or so, or more! And they have grown to be very important, well loved people among all the other neighbors and friends in the church and community. This and nowhere else is their place. But they have to leave. Finances got them down. Yes, it is part of life I know. But's so sad. I know it has been a really tragic experience for them to have to move out of their house, and they did everything they possibly could so that they might not leave. But they are leaving. And they have to be out by the end of this week. And the husband is extremely sick. Probably near death. And the wife is distraught. And pretty much every time I drive in and out of my street, I see them loading stuff into an old truck. They look so old and tired. They look so sad. They must be tired because it's all they ever do, is load their stuff into an old truck. It makes me tired just to watch them every day. It wears on my heart a little, too. I really do hate witnessing tragedies. I always try to feel how they must feel...and it's sort of haunting. I almost can't wait for my neighbors to be gone so I don't have to see them over and over and over doing something we all know they are hating. But they are continually loving each other and I can tell that, which makes it all ok for me. And probably for them too.

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  1. It will be so weird when they are gone. Who can replace the Wilsons? So many childhood a basketball and a nail...