Monday, September 20, 2010

culture smoke

arise from the bomb shelters
descend from the attics
hang up the telephones
re-set the time
turn on the water, turn in to hot
wash off the bed bugs
save all you money
spend all your love
inhibit your hold ups
carry your friends
kiss your creative side
tell that bitch off
patrol all your motives
file all your incentives
in the most easy to access place
add up your goals
decipher the score
go missing in action
appear on the stage
surprise everybody
sing the songs you despise
dress up in freedom
dress down in the dumps
get your stuff move forward
it's almost your turn
turn around, look back
kick back in the face
load and shoot up your violence
with a rifle of peace
activate confidence
engage head held high
drum on each morning
appreciate your fears
deceive negativity
take note of each word
form homemade ideas
set foot on the stars
before future takes over
throw rocks at windows of sin you look in
repent every piece that would fall from the shatter
steal your home
your bed
and your pillow
from fate
throw your stupid back pack away.

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