Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Never before seen footage.

I have way too many pictures on my computer. I have been filtering through them to get rid of the ones that don't matter, and I came across a lot of stuff I don't even remember having. It has been very entertaining. So just stay right here, cause these are the good old days.

Dewey was a dumb dog. I never liked him. Yet I spent a lot of time with him in my backyard in my adolescence. I always fought him off. I would say "Go away Dewey. I hate you, you're disgusting." But Dewey was dumb enough to know that I really loved him, and I secretly appreciated that he was eager to come around me to be my friend. He was possibly the only one I had for a while. Awwww. Wherever you are Dewey, I hope you are warm and safe. And I hate you.

It's true. There was this one summer when me and Daniel let ourselves go. Could be all the road trippin' and fast food, could be the lull of the music we listened to those days. This Providence sucks!

Same type of thing as the previous picture.

I think at this point in time I was a stunning photographer. Look at the rich happiness on Daniel's face, grandpa's famous sock tan line, the casting of the sun, and all the extras.

There was this one time when I encouraged Lynae to lick a zebra truck. It was completely bad A. Only the beginning of my hardcore, eccentric friendships built at Pier49 pizza in American Fork, this is Melissa how may I help you?

ohmygoodness, Look at Oliver! He's tiny!!

Hahaha. Great angle.

This is what I used as my Missionary picture. Hmmm.... good times.... . . . .

I was probably trying to look super fierce. Too bad I just look mad. I always loved those earrings. I wanted people to look at me and think, she's some sort of highway child.

I'm not sure, but maybe this was taken before I discovered chapstick. I have no recollection of this.

Ohhh Arizona was too good to me.

Precious, it's my room before I painted it dark brown!

I think I was a senior in high school. I loved that shirt so much!

All the kid's from the hood on graduation day.

Me and Suzie did drugs at girls camp.

If that kid is not gay by now, then I'll be.

I wanted to belong in Costa. Sue me!

Awww!! It's Sarah and Craig. I remember the good times longboarding with them. The times of a more simple friendship.

I had to make use of my 10,000 villages lantern.

I have no idea what this comes from.

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  1. Love the pictures! Especially the ones of of on graduation day. I think I was the one who gathered everyone too--why didn't I shower before this picture? haha. Look at all of us now. Riley is dating Sierra, who knows where Steven is, Jake Palmer and his cool friends...
    Last time I was home a bunch of them passed me while going to Jake's. They stopped to say Hi and before they drove away I heard one of them say, "Laura actually got married?"

    Thanks boys :P Gotta love high school